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Reveal Collection Low 2-Way on Extended Base

Featuring a curved, sleek, and more refined look, our Reveal Collection offers simple lines and hidden hardware for merchandising flexibility that will bring out your brand’s uniqueness.

Web ID RV26E-56-WEB1
Part Number RV26E-56-xx
Dimensions 4’3″L x 2’2″W x 4’8″H
Finishes and Materials Powder Coat: P7 Iron Glimmer
Laminate: Aged Oak
Acrylic: Frosted Acrylic
Web ID RV26E-56-WEB1
Part Number RV26E-56-xx
Dimensions 4’3″L x 2’2″W x 4’8″H
Finishes and Materials Various Finishes and Materials Available

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Comprised of experienced interior and industrial designers with a passion for retail, our team offers its clients a unique design-led service ensuring complete satisfaction. Choose to work with OPTO in whatever way fits you best.

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Made here in the United States and crafted from quality, locally- sourced materials, our fixtures are designed, engineered, manufactured, and shipped by a team of people who are genuinely dedicated to the success of your business.

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Our standard display solutions are designed to give you customized store fixtures as quickly as possible. Most standard fixtures and accessories, specified in our standard finish selecons, can be produced within two weeks from the time of order.

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Collaborators at heart, OPTO offers retail display solutions unlike any other. Our team is passionate about bringing your authentic vision to the floor, and delivering a brand experience that customers won’t forget.

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