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Footwear Solutions

From sport shoes to dress and casual footwear for men, women, and children, shoe retailers require versatile display solutions that can accommodate a diverse range of merchandise.

Shoe displays can make or break your sales. OPTO’s modular fixtures showcase your merchandise, make shopping easier, and get those shoes flying off the shelves.

When it comes to merchandise mix, we know that shoes are the main focus, complemented by accessories such as socks and apparel. With straight shelves for stock and angled displays for eye-catching presentations, our fixtures are engineered for durability and flexibility, with finishes to withstand high traffic environments. Additionally, our range of accessories, from signage options to specialized shelving for socks and shoe accessories, ensures that every aspect of your merchandise mix is presented with precision and style. Whether you’re operating a small boutique or a large-scale shoe warehouse, our expertise in store planning and fixture selection ensures that your retail space is both inviting and conducive to sales. With OPTO as your partner, you can elevate your shoe retailing experience, delight customers, and drive business growth with confidence.

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Let OPTO’s team of expert retail designers help you select shoe friendly displays that feature the appropiate shelf depth, angle, and stocking capacity for all shoe types, from sandal to boots and everything in between.

Personalize To Fit Your Brand 02

Choose from a range of materials, colors, and configurations to align your brand and store aesthetic. Add integrated lighting, graphics, and brand messaging to elevate your customer’s shopping experience.

Don’t Forget Mirrors and Benches 03

Customers like to see how the shoes looks on their feet, so strategically placing mirrors and benches in your fixture plan will provide customers better opportunity to interact with your merchandise.

Our Solutions

For more than 40 years, our designs have been manufactured on site at our facility in the Chicago area.

And as our industry evolves, OPTO designers and engineers stay at the forefront by developing new display solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of tomorrow’s retailers. OPTO works tirelessly for our customers, so your shoppers can have a better retail experience. From modular to custom-designed systems, we focus on bringing attention to retail through our visual merchandising expertise and cutting-edge capabilities.

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Complimentary Design

Comprised of experienced interior and industrial designers with a passion for retail, our team offers its clients a unique design-led service ensuring complete satisfaction. Choose to work with OPTO in whatever way fits you best.

Made In The USA

Made here in the United States and crafted from quality, locally- sourced materials, our fixtures are designed, engineered, manufactured, and shipped by a team of people who are genuinely dedicated to the success of your business.

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Quick Lead Times

Our standard display solutions are designed to give you customized store fixtures as quickly as possible. Most standard fixtures and accessories, specified in our standard finish selections, can be produced within two weeks from the time of order.

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Collaborators at heart, OPTO offers retail display solutions unlike any other. Our team is passionate about bringing your authentic vision to the floor, and delivering a brand experience that customers won’t forget.

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